Tea tasting party 13 March

Ikedoki tea will be hosting monthly tea tasting parties to connect with tea enthusiasts all over the world!

Join us monthly as we drink and discuss a different tea and tea topic. We will talk about some history, touch on tea farming activities of the season, anything fun that we think suits the topic or the time of the tasting, and of course welcome all of your questions.
We hope to create together with you a space to be relaxed and enjoy Japanese tea together.


Our first tea party will focus on the local speciality tea: tamaryokucha.
This tea is not very well known, but it definitely deserves more attention: we think it is おいしい (oishii), delicious!

When: Saturday 13 March, join us at either tea party, whichever time zone suits you best:

  • 10 am – 11:30 am JST (Japan time, GMT+9)
  • 10 pm – 11:30 pm JST (Japan time, GMT+9)

    Free for all to join, just sign up through the contact form below and we will send you the log-in information for the Zoom session.

    If you want to drink the same tea with us, order on time beforehand through our webshop – though with current postal service difficulties we cannot guarantee it will arrive to your doorstep perfectly on time.

    If you feel like reading more about tamaryokucha already, you can read our two previous blogs posts on tamaryokucha:
    Tamaryokucha & Sencha, Ingen & Baisao
    Tamaryokucha (Gem green tea)

    We hope to see you soon at our first tea party!