Custom Tea Tour

Experience the deep connection between Japan and tea on our flavourful & interactive tea tours!

Join us for an unforgettable journey into Japan’s timeless tea culture. Nagasaki has a long and rich history connected to tea. We welcome you to learn more about that history and immerse yourself in the diverse and vibrant flavours of teas produced in Nagasaki.

Ikedoki Tea is based in Higashisonogi, which lies at the northern border of Nagasaki Prefecture, right against the border with Saga Prefecture. Both prefectures together share a wealth of fascinating history, international trade, famous for ceramics and the region also played a crucial role in the history of tea: both for Japanese tea history as for world tea history.

Adaptable tours

We are happy to discuss customised tour options that fit your interest and travel plans.

Our standard Scheduled Tea Tour offers a full & interactive 4 hour programme, which includes the following:

  • A visit to tea fields in an extremely photogenic setting to learn about Japanese tea cultivation
  • A visit to a tea factory to learn about Japanese tea processing
  • Learning about Japanese & Nagasaki history related to tea
  • An interactive tea tasting of Nagasaki teas accompanied with Japanese sweets
Limited time?

If you are interested in joining Ikedoki’s tour, but don’t have 4 hours to spend, or wish to start the regular tour at a different time – please reach out to us to discuss options. We can add to or subtract from the above mentioned tour elements to tailor a tour to your wishes.

We have many customers, for instance, who arrive to Nagasaki Port by cruise ship who choose to book a shortened version with an earlier starting time to ensure being back in Nagasaki Port before their ship heads out again.

Want a guide to explore more of the region?

Alternatively, for those who wish to explore more of the region, we are happy to discuss added tour options in the surrounding region.

We have organised custom full day tours where we drive guests to visit the 350 year old tea tree in Ureshino, pass by the Tea Museum in Ureshino, or visit one of the many pottery towns (Hasami, Mikawachi, Arita) in the region.

We work together closely with the local tourism agency and can help you build a customised tour including other destinations in our region.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss ideas and options. We are also happy to suggest accommodation options.


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