Wholesale Application

Nagasaki Ikedoki tea Wholesale program

Nagasaki Ikedoki tea is a social tea enterprise with a mission to spread peaceful world with Japanese tea and make it accessible to all. Established in 2020 and trusted by our customers, we have been supplying a wide range of high quality Japanese tea produced in Nagasaki both domestically and internationally. Whether you are looking to introduce new tea to your customers or start a new tea business altogether we would like to work with you and help you grow. Please continue reading and discover how you can benefit from working with us or jump to the bottom of the page and complete the form to receive our wholesale pricelist and informational materials.

You may have experienced, that it is quite difficult to find Japanese tea and one that you can get your hands on, does not always meet your expectations. Our tea is grown and produced by local Nagasaki tea farmers, who has dedicated many years to mastering the art of tea farming and personally ensures the quality of our tea.  Working with us directly, you can be sure that the tea you receive is authentic and fresh (it has not been through unnecessary additional processing or blending, that many tea suppliers and distributors do). And it is not just our word, our tea is frequently reviewed and recommended by tea professionals and enthusiasts. Choosing high quality authentic Japanese green tea you can gain advantage over your competitors and earn your customers` appreciation.

Personal support for you to succeed
Adding a new tea to your selection or starting a new tea business altogether may seem daunting at first. Our team will be with you through the process to help you in any way we can. Whether you need assistance in selecting tea, communicating it to your customers or suggesting them how to enjoy it best, we will advise you and provide you with necessary tea info and visuals.

If you would like to experience Japanese tea and understand it more are welcome to join our Guided Tea Tour. We are happy to share our tea knowledge and experience to help you succeed.