2024 Ikedoki Tea Tour

We are incredibly excited for our first international Tea Tour coming up very soon!

We will be visiting a few different locations in Europe, and even making a stop on the way in Seoul, South Korea to host our first international workshops!

We look forward to meeting our blog readers and tea friends and hope to share many joyful cups of tea together with you!

Let’s bring Nagasaki teas to the world and spread a peaceful & joyful world through Japanese tea.

2024 Ikedoki International Tea Tour

14 February: Lao Shanghai Nonhyun Tearoom, Seoul, South Korea (organiser: Hyunhee Chang)
24 & 25 February: Prague Tea Fest, Prague, Czechia(Facebook & Instagram)
26 February: meetea teahouse, Prague, Czechia (Instagram)
1 & 2 March: (location to be announced), Antwerpen, Belgium
3 March: The Tea Circle, Brussels, Belgium (Website & Instagram)
6 March: ITC Academy, The Hague, Netherlands (Website)