Celebrating our first year!

Celebratory Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who joined our very first giveaway. It has been heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and we have been overwhelmed (in a very positive way!) by the number of participants. The winners will be contacted directly.

Giveaway rules
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  • Comment on our Giveaway post & tag 3 friends
  • Fill in our contact form above
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To give back to our community, we are holding our very first giveaway!
We have selected two very special teas and a beautiful tea-dyed tenugui (traditional Japanese cotton hand towel) for two lucky winners. TWO very lucky winners will receive the following:

  • 50 gr of Ikeda Chaen’s Tamaryokucha blend that won in this year’s Nihoncha Award (spring harvest)
  • 5 gr of artisanal handpicked Saemidori white tea made by Tōzaka Chaen (spring harvest)
  • A beautiful cotton tenugui (traditional Japanese hand towel) that has been dyed using Tōzaka’s tea
Why a Giveaway?

It has been a tea-riffic first year for Ikedoki Tea. Team member Marjolein moved to Nagasaki in May 2023 (after waiting for 3 years for the world to open up), allowing the Ikedoki Tea project to finally move forward.
As we watched the seasons (and tea field views!) change, we want to thank all of you who visited us, who ordered our teas and who have been part of the Ikedoki Tea community this past year.

Participants can enter as many times as they wish.
2 winners will be picked randomly on January 17 2024.
Ikedoki Tea will pay for shipping of the prizes through JapanPost.
Should the winner’s destination not be serviced by JapanPost, we will contact them for a solution.
Ikedoki Tea retains the right to change any part of this Giveaway promotion.
Ikedoki Tea will responsibly collect the participants’ data and only use it for the Giveaway promotion and subscription to the Ikedoki Tea newsletter.

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