Tea Tours

We would love to welcome you to taste and experience the delicious teas of Nagasaki!

Join us to taste a selection of the local tea specialties: including regional speciality tamaryokucha (a steamed curly green tea), shiraore (a mild tea twig tea), houjicha (roasted green tea), wakoucha (Japanese black tea) and more. Visit the enchanting tea fields with a view over Omura Bay, and understand how tea is made as we guide you through a tea factory. You will also learn a little about Japanese tea in general, and also dive into some local history connected to Nagasaki and the Sonogi tea region.

There are several options for tea tours.

  • Guided Tea Tour for independent travellers
    This is a programme of 4 hours, including lunch. We hold the tours regularly on Mondays and Fridays and you can directly book this tour online (our booking system will be online soon). Please see below for more details.
    *If you wish to book with us on another day, please reach out to us: see the bottom of this page
  • Group tours
    We can accommodate larger groups and can adapt the programme to your wishes. Please reach out to us to discuss options for an adjusted programme.
  • Customised tours
    We work together with the local tourism agency and can help you build a customised tour including other destinations in our region. Please feel free to contact us to discuss ideas and options.
  • Online tea workshops
    We have held a number of successful online tea tours during the COVID pandemic. If you cannot visit in person but still wish to learn about Japanese tea, and specifically about tea in Nagasaki/Sonogi: we can offer an online educational tea workshop. Please contact us through the options mentioned below at the bottom of this page.

Standard Tea Tour details

Tea tour programme
Introduction to Japanese teas and local history
Tea field visit
Tea factory tour
Lunch at a local restaurant (included in tour price)
Tasting of many local teas, including: tamaryokucha, shiraore, matcha, wakoucha, houjicha

Tour details
Schedule: 11 am – 3 pm
Cost: 14,000 yen/person (¥15,400 including tax)
Group size: up to 12 people

Tours are held in English

Tour location
There are two options for the location of our standard tea tour:

  • Default option: Ikedoki Tea office.
    Our office is in a quirky open-style renovated house with a homely atmosphere
  • If available: Meiji no Minka.
    This is a beautiful, old, traditional farmhouse with tatami mats. This is available at a surcharge of ¥2,000 per person. Availability cannot be guaranteed at booking, please contact us if you specifically wish to book this location and we will get back to you with available dates.

The tea tour location addresses:

102 Sonogishukugō, Higashisonogi town, Higashisonogi district, Nagasaki prefecture, 859-3807
Link in Google maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/JcZHJQSkGDa6NW4R6

Meiji no Minka (明治の民家 or 旧岳中家住宅 ).
470 Sonogishukugo, Higashisonogi, Higashisonogi District, Nagasaki prefecture 859-3807
This location is in an old thatched farmhouse, behind the local farmer’s market (Michi no Eki).
Booking this location comes at a surcharge of ¥2,000 per person on top of the normal tour price. Please contact us to check for availability.
The link in Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/sS1xTcsBGFxYM6uF6

Our office is a 10 minute walk from the Sonogi train station, and the Meiji no Minka is a 15 minute walk from the same station. Sonogi station is an easy direct train ride from Nagasaki (75 min), or Isahaya (30 min).
Both locations have free parking nearby. If you plan to arrive by car, we will send you the directions to the nearest parking spot.

For bookings:

Contact us to ask about dates and availability to join our tour. We currently do not have an online booking system yet, but please feel free to enquire about any possible dates. We will get back to you as soon as possible. At the moment we do also host private tours, so even if you’re a solo traveller, we would love to welcome you! (If you have any food allergies or specific requests, please do let us know when you are booking and we will try accommodate your request.)

Find a flyer about our tours for download here.