Monitor tea tour 14 November

We will finally be hosting two tea tours to visit Higashi-Sonogi in person this November!

On Saturday 14 & 21 November, join us for a fantastic tea tour programme: including a visit to the scenic tea fields, walk around a tea factory, and taste lots of delicious locally produced teas. The tour is FREE of charge and includes lunch.

  • Programme : 9 am – 4 pm
  • Cost : FREE, including lunch
  • Accepted applicants : 10 people
  • Transportation: chartered bus

The details for the day tour are as follows:

  • 9:00 meeting place  ▶︎Nagasaki station
  • 10:00 introduction(30 minutes) ▶︎Traditional Japanese house
  • 10:50 tea fields(30 minutes)
  • 11:30 tea factory(30 minutes)
  • 12:20 lunch(40 minutes)  ▶︎Roadside station Sonogi-no-sho
  • 13:00 tea tasting session(90 minutes) ▶︎Traditional Japanese house
  • ~16:00 dismissing place  ▶︎Nagasaki station

All you have to do is arrive at the meeting place – Nagasaki station – on time, wear some comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk between the tea fields, have your camera ready and just enjoy the taste of our local teas.

You hope you will come away with a better appreciation for Nagasaki teas, learn something about tea history in Japan, admire the beautiful views of Higashi-Sonogi and delight in the enthusiasm of our team.

Please register for the 14 November tea tour by filling out the form below.
We have space for 10 people.
We will send you a reply with the tour details.