Spread a peaceful World with Japanese tea!

Ikedoki means “Tea Break” in Nagasaki dialect.
Our mission is to “Spread a peaceful world with Japanese tea” from here in Nagasaki.

Because of course you may know, tea makes all of us to be peaceful,

And when we talk about peace, here Nagasaki is one of the best place in the world.
Off course we don’t know to stop war or fight in the world immediately.
But we believe that if someone wants to make peaceful world, the person needs patience, silence, and hope.

And the person must not lose faith in oneself, just like the people who practiced Crypto-Christianity for centuries in Nagasaki.

So we show our mission, and talk about it with Japanese tea!


We at Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea act as a bridge: connecting you, the tea drinker, to the tea fields. We want to take you through the process of how fresh tea leaves end up in your cup, and take you on a journey through your senses by tasting the different flavours that tea from Nagasaki has to offer.

To us, this perfectly embodies our vision: to create an open, friendly setting where we can share with you a cup of tea, and the passion and skill hidden behind that tea, hoping to give you a deeper understanding and inspire a great(er) love of Japanese tea.