Ikedoki Tea Tours Information

Step into the wonderful world of Japanese tea & learn all about Nagasaki tea

Nagasaki has a long and rich history intertwined with tea culture and tea trade. Tea was first brought to Japan by Buddhist monks who returned  from studying in China, landing first in Nagasaki. As the monks travelled to other regions, the tea they brought with them slowly spread out from Nagasaki.
Additionally, Nagasaki played a pivotal role in global tea history as the very first tea that arrived in Europe in the early 17th century came from Nagasaki!

Despite playing such a crucial role in both Japanese and world tea history, the Nagasaki tea regions are relatively unexplored gems. Nagasaki’s main tea producing region can be found in Higashisonogi, a small countryside town surrounded by lush tea fields, rice fields, forests and hills – overlooking the stunningly gorgeous Omura Bay.

Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea is a project that works with both local tea producers and local government to promote tea tourism and international tea sales of tea produced in Nagasaki.


TIME 11:00 – 15:00

  • Introduction to Japanese teas and local history
  • Tea field visit
  • Tea factory tour
  • Lunch at a local restaurant (included in tour price)
  • Tasting of many of the local teas, including:
    tamaryokucha, shiraore, matcha, wakoucha, houjicha

During our tour you will taste a selection of 7 delicious teas produced in Nagasaki prefecture. We will teach you how to brew in a kyusu teapot and how to whisk matcha. Ikedoki Tea’s tour offers you the unique opportunity to visit the enchanting Sonogi tea fields overlooking the picturesque Omura Bay.

If you have ever wanted to know how Japanese green tea is produced, this is your rare chance to visit a tea factory and learn how the local specialty tamaryokucha is produced.

Higashisonogi, Nagasaki Prefecture

Group size
1 – 12 (flexible)

JPY 14,000- per person
Lunch included in price

Travelling from:

Nagasaki City:
Direct train in direction of Sasebo
~ 1h 20 min
Get off at Sonogi Station
10-15 min walk to venue

Nagasaki Airport:
Direct airport line bus to Sasebo
~ 40 min
Get off at Sonogi Honmachi bus stop
10 min walk to venue

Fukuoka City:
~ 1h 30 min by car, or
~ 2h 30 min by train