Bohojicha is also bit rare (we love to share these less common teas with you!).

As you might know, Hojicha is roasted tea.
Usually Hojicha is made by roasting the leaves.

Bohojicha however is made by roasting Shiraore (the stem of Tamaryokucha).

The word of “Bo(棒)” means stem, so the words of Bohojicha is stem roasted tea.

As we explained for Shiraore, the stem of Tamaryokucha has a rich umami taste, and you can also find this umami taste in the Bohojicha.

The umami taste is derived from amino acids in the tea plant. After roasting, the amino acids change to give a more flowery fragrance.

When you finish a cup of Bohojicha, please smell the bottom of the empty cup.
You can enjoy the fragrance like flower nectar!