Nagasaki Tea Tour Booking

At Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea you have a rare opportunity to experience Japanese tea culture and visit Nagasaki‚Äôs main tea-producing region, Sonogi. 

By joining our Japanese Tea Tour, both tea lovers and tea professionals will be able to witness long-lived Japanese tea traditions and enhance their understanding of Japanese teas. The tea tasting is usually held at an over 120 years old traditional Japanese farm house. The in-house tea tasting session of a wide palette of our teas: from everyday bohojicha and genmaicha to tamaryokucha and matcha. We are looking forward to welcoming you on an unforgettable adventure to tea sites and flavours!

For further tea tour information, please click: here.

Please note: For tea lovers joining this page from the Discover Nagasaki page featuring the “3T’s of Tea”, we currently do not offer a standard 2 hour tea tasting experience as described there. Our standard tea tour is 4 hours, including a visit to tea fields, a tea factory, some history and of course lots of teas to taste. You also get to try your hand at brewing local speciality tamaryokucha, and we teach you how to whisk matcha. Lunch is included in the tour schedule and price.
If you wish to book a 2 hour tour specifically, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss options and dates.