Spread a peaceful world with Japanese tea!

Ikedoki means “tea break” in the local Nagasaki (or even more specifically: Higashisonogi) dialect.
Our mission is to “Spread a peaceful world with Japanese tea” from here in Nagasaki.

We believe tea connects people and cultures. Tea has been embraced by many different cultures across the world into the heart of their hospitality.

Tea has spread across the world carrying endless stories. Stories from how the tea is grown and produced. Stories of home that are shared over a cup of tea with other travellers, or grand adventures that are recounted back at home. Dreams of adventures that are discussed over cosy cups of tea, developing as the vapour dances upwards from the cups. New and old guests are welcomed and made to feel at home. Deep philosophical chats late into the night. A cheerful casual catch-up with friends, perhaps with some snacks alongside. Sitting with mum & dad at the kitchen table to talk about the school day. Or just a moment by oneself, quietly reflecting on your thoughts. All of these and more are all gently and generously supported by a steady flow of tea, connecting our hearts and minds.

Tea connects people, cultures, ideas. Every cup of tea shared is a moment shared.

From fresh leaves growing in the beautiful Nagasaki landscape and the skill needed to craft the finished teas, to transporting the leaves safely to your home and being brewed and enjoyed at your home: we hope to be a bridge in connecting tea producer to tea consumer.

As tea consumption in Japan is decreasing, we see hope in the interest foreigners have in Japan and Japanese teas. We think there are many treasures here to be shared with the world, and we hope the farmers may have more pride in their skills when they see people from all over the world enjoying their teas.
So please share a cup of Japanese tea with us, and share your stories! 


We at Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea act as a bridge: connecting you, the tea drinker, to the tea fields. We want to take you through the process of how fresh tea leaves end up in your cup, and take you on a journey through your senses by tasting the different flavours that tea from Nagasaki has to offer.

To us, this perfectly embodies our vision: to create an open, friendly setting where we can share with you a cup of tea, and the passion and skill hidden behind that tea, hoping to give you a deeper understanding and inspire a great(er) love of Japanese tea.