Under our mission “Spread a peaceful world with Japanese tea”, we have 2 activities:

Tea Tourism

Join us to taste a selection of the local Sonogi tea specialties, including tamaryokucha (a curly shaped steamed green tea) which is this region’s speciality. Visit the enchanting tea fields with a view over Omura Bay, and understand how tea is made as we guide you through a tea factory.
We host the tea tours together with the Higashisonogi Tourist Association in a beautiful old thatched-roof farmhouse near the Farmer’s Market.

Read more about our tea tours here.

Online tea store

Nagasaki Prefecture has a very rich history connected to trade and to tea. The tea regions in Nagasaki are as of yet quite unknown to the wider world, despite the pivotal role that Nagasaki has played in tea history of both Japan and globally. We aim to specialise in teas from Nagasaki prefecture, slowly building our knowledge of the different tea regions in this prefecture and select our favourites for you to try! Currently our teas are mainly from tea producers in the Higashisonogi region, the main tea producing region of Nagasaki (where our office is also based).

As we are not tea producers ourselves, we are open to connected to many local tea producers: trying to find the best that Nagasaki has to offer. We are still a young company, slowly developing and moving forward. If there are any teas you are specifically looking for but you do not see them online, please do not hesitate to reach our to us.

We hope to welcome you to share a friendly and peaceful cup of tea with Nagasaki tea!