Under our mission “Spread peaceful world with Japanese tea”, we have 2 activities.

Tea Tourism

First is tea tourism.

The activity belongs to Tourism association in Higashi-Sonogi.
We had focused on inbound tea tourism from abroad.
But as you know, the situation is really bad for inbound tourism right now.
So we are focusing online tea tour like today.
Under the COVID-19 situation, we’ve started many interesting program like as online tea party, online tea tour, 360 degrees movie of tea region etc.
So please enjoy those new type of virtual tea tourism.
Then someday near future, please visit our tea region in Nagasaki.
We provide peaceful moment with Japanese tea!

Tea Online store

And second is online tea store.
It’s promoting local Nagasaki tea to overseas.
All our tea is single origin from Nagasaki mainly Higashi sonogi where is the largest tea region in Nagasaki.
We believe that our tea from Nagasaki bring peaceful mind to you!

Under the COVID-19 situation, the shipping has several problems.
We are sorry to be inconvenient for you.