Steep yourself in Sonogi tea!

Sonogi Cha Educational & Cultural Exchange
Spend a day learning about Sonogi region’s tea through the Sonogi Cha Ambassador education programme & interact with local residents

Do you want to learn about local tea culture and history, taste delicious Japanese tea, visit the picturesque Sonogi tea fields overlooking the ocean and socialise with local residents? 

Join us for a two day event on:

 Saturday August 26th & Saturday September 23rd 2023 and steep yourself in the world of Sonogi tea!

Who are we?

Nagasaki Ikedoki Tea Project is working together with the Sonogi Town Hall to promote Sonogi Cha, this region’s specialiTEA. 

Who are we looking for? 

You! An Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Nagasaki and bordering regions. 

Why ALTs?

We think you have an important role as a bridge between cultures. As tea plays such a big part in Japanese identity, culture and history, we would love to share this with you. We hope it will give you an insight into Japanese culture and a memorable experience to take home with you. You will even receive an original Sonogi Cha Ambassador certificate to show off your newly gained tea knowledge!

Part of this experience is to connect with local Higashisonogi residents who are eager to meet foreigners and learn about their own tea culture through a foreigner’s perspective. At the end of event 1 you will choose a tea topic you have just learned about to present in small groups during event 2. The presentation will be just 5 minutes per group and is meant to be lighthearted fun, just to connect in English about Japanese tea. We hope that this exchange will inspire local residents to newly appreciate their own traditions and tea culture.

Q: “What if I am not an ALT but would still like to join this project?”
A: Please reach out to us to describe your interest in joining this tea culture project. We’re aiming mainly for ALTs but if you are interested in learning about Nagasaki tea culture and enjoy cultural exchange, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Event Schedule:

  • Event 1: Saturday August 26th, 2023 11 am – 5 pm  (including free lunch)
  • Event 2: Saturday September 23rd, 2023 10 am – 1pm  

Sign up here to join us for two fun days overflowing with Japanese tea!

More details about the event programme:

Event 1
Saturday August 26th, 11 am – 5 pm

Location: a beautiful old farmer’s house in centre of Higashisonogi
Roadside Station Sonogi-no-so (747-2 Sonogi-yadogo)

  • Orientation
    Tea Field visit
    Tea Factory visit
    Sonogi Cha Ambassador programme

Event 2
Saturday September 23rd, 10 am – 1 pm

Location: Higashisonogi Town General Hall
Large Conference Room (706-4 Sonogi Yadogo)

  • Welcome
    Group Tea Presentations
    Tea brewing & socialising