Winning Tamaryokucha(Competition No.1)玉緑茶(農林水産大臣賞)60g


This Tamaryokucha is the winning tea of the tea competition in 2020!
The competition is called “Norinsuisan Daijin Sho (農林水産大臣賞)”, and it is the award of Japanese Agricultural Minister which is one of the highest prizes in the Japanese tea world.

The tea was cultivated in special tea fields used for the competition year by year, harvested only the top delicate part of the leaves (“Isshin-ni-yo” = one bud+2 leaves), then processed in special small tea factory only for competition tea processing.

The leaves are really fine and small because only the finest pick has been used.
The colour of the tea leaves is dark green but shiny, and the size of leaves is quite even.

You should brew by warm water (60-70℃), not boiling water (100℃), and infuse for a minute.
If possible, brew with soft water if you can find it.

You can enjoy the dewdrops of the umami taste, and the smooth bitterness spreads your whole mouth. You can brew the tea many times.

Officially we would say that you can infuse the tea at least 3 times from same tea leaves, but this tea you can definitely infuse more times.
(I wrote this article with the winning tea, I infused 5 times and more 🙂

We recommend the tea especially for tea lovers who want to know more Japanese tea.
This tea will be your indicator of Japanese tea.

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