Matcha Ceremonial Grade(抹茶-お点前用)40g


This Matcha is very special to introduce.

As you likely know, Matcha has been getting popular and famous worldwide.

The history of Matcha started over 800 years ago.
A monk named Eisai brought tea seeds and the way of drinking Matcha to Japan in the 11th century.

Matcha was then spread out all around Japan.
Although it is a really unknown fact, the first tea seeds in Japan were planted in Nagasaki by Eisai, because he first reached back to Nagasaki when returning from China. Eisai stayed in Nagasaki for a while and opened a meditation centre next to the first tea garden.
Somehow, the meditation centre and the production of Matcha disappeared from Nagasaki for a few centuries, while it was popular in the more central and eastern side of Japan.

Around 800 years after the first introduction of Matcha in Nagasaki, due to the current global interest, 4 young tea farmers united in 2018 and started (or re-started) Matcha production in Nagasaki.

The challenge for these farmers has just begun. Even local people here do not know the taste the local Matcha, as the journey has only just started.

This Matcha is not a blended version (usual matcha is blended from different plant varieties and harvest seasons).

The Matcha in this sample pack is a single origin from the variety  “Sae-midori (さえみどり)”. Sae-midori has vivid fresh green leaves and it contains rich umami tastes.

This Matcha has a fresh green colour with mild bitterness and umami taste, the aroma is slightly similar to Tamaryokucha.
It’s really a Matcha with Nagasaki tea characteristics.

As you might know, the centre of Matcha culture is in Kyoto, the former capital of Japan. The challenge of producing Matcha has just began here in Nagasaki, even though it is the origin place of Matcha. We look forward to seeing and sharing the journey of these young tea farmers.

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