This Konacha (粉茶, powder tea) is a type of green tea, composed of the dust, tea buds and small leaves that are left behind after processing Tamaryokucha.
But usual Konacha is made from Gyokuro or Sencha in other tea region.
Konacha is cheaper than the sourced tea and is often served at sushi restaurants.
Konacha is really reasonable tea. Therefore Konacha is often used for tea bag.

Konacha is the collection of leftover powders resulting from the manufacturing process of Aracha. In the form of powder, Konacha is easy to infuse with hot water in a short extraction time and offers a beverage with strong taste and a vivid color. That is also why sushi shop serve Konacha as a refreshment after tasting sushi.

Konacha is best brewed with steaming hot water. Please use a fine mesh strainer. Since this tea is prepared quickly it is often used on occasions when many guests have to be served ‘instantly’.

To prepare just pour boiling water over the Konacha and brew it for about 30 seconds. You can use the same tea 3 or 4 times according to your desired taste.